First, but not last.

Here it goes. Day 1! A whole new blog added to the internet that will consist of poor grammar, and the inside gist of my training.

I’ll be sharing my daily programming, daily tips and tricks with nutrition/recipes, moments with my one and only (Leo, my dog, of course), success of my clients & members, and some humor. Keeping this short and sweet!

Saturday, 9-16-17

Bench Press

  • Establish heavy 1 rep for the day (160#)
    • 5×3 @ 85% (135#)
  • 30′ EMOM (running clock)
    • 10′
      • odd = 22/18cal Airdyne Bike
      • even = 12 DB Burpees
    • 10′
      • odd = 20/15cal Airdyne Bike
      • even = 5 Strict HSPU + 20 Russian Twist
    • 10′
      • odd = :45s Airdyne Bike (held: 20/18/18/15/20)
      • even = 8 Bicep Curls + 10 Bent Over Row

Training has been FUN lately. Enjoying sweaty sessions with friends that are down to throw whatever on a board and just work hard. Sometimes volume is light and “easy”, sometimes it’s brutal, and sometimes it’s JUST simply moving to keep the routine grooving. Regardless, what I have found that works is surrounding myself with positive people who drive me to be better every single day.

As you can see, programming today was LIGHT and simple… yet effective. Was budgeted on my time so a 60 minute session was what I got to work with.

Then… I ate nachos & drank cider. Amen 🙌🏼

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