Second… not first, but not last. 

Happy Sunday!

Isn’t it heartbreaking when the weekend comes to and end? Today is a rest day for me from training. No, not active rest… just REST. My weeks are LONG and busy and rest days help create and maintain that balance in my life. Lots of programming for online clients, food shopping and cooking, etc that happens! 

Sunday is my favorite day of breakfast. Simple & yummy. 

5oz Sweet Potato Hash

1-2 slices of Bacon

2 Eggs over easy


Today… my roommate, Christina (Shit-Tina, or Leo’s Aunt Chrissy) and I added a little treat to the mix. 🥞  I made us a few strawberry pancakes. The only change up they had to make them remotely “healthy” was the Almond Beverage instead of regular milk. I say almond beverage because… Christina & Jess came up with a good point. Almond Milk does NOT make sense. In actuality… it is NOT milk, hence why Trader Joe’s labels it as Almond Beverage. #mindblown 🤔😯

Just a pancake. Not protein pancakes. Not healthy. Just almond beverage pancakes. 🤣 #treatYOself

But HERE is one of my favorite healthy pancake recipes! Quick, easy, and SO delicious: Banana Oatmeal 🥞 Flap Jacks

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